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Cautionary Tales in it's full start to finish run.

The first listen I had of all of the tracks on this record were run off as a complete track with no individual track numbers. This version highlights the stories and puts them in the specific order that I imagined unfolding as the record weaved it's way through the over all arc in my mind. Introducing characters in song in a set order like a play or movie.

Snippets of the intro and outro theme Good King Rex utilized with different instruments to highlight the characters in the songs on this record. A(n) homage to Pete and The Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev.

These songs have been perfromed a number of times live but the record really highlights the concept and the sounds I had always hoped to capture and share with you all.

Conceptually a nod to The Greatest Show on Earth - Cecil B. DeMillie, Cautionary Tales - Hilaire Belloc and the aforementioned Peter and The Wolf.

Thank you for listening, I hope you enjoy!!

Sincerely - Dean