1. Mr. Delaware

Mr. Delaware - Track Credits:

Dean Johanesen - vocals, acoustic guitar (Maton for rhythm & Cigano for lead work)
background vocals and harmonies, percussion & carillon

Dan DeGregory - drums

Rob Pastore - upright bass

Gram Rea - violin

Steve Connelly - recording engineer and co producer - added lead guitar at the end of the song -


You should have seen that look in father’s eyes
when his only son was born that mid July
The year was 1895 a baby boxer born a father boxers prize

Mr. Delaware his fate is not your own but you don’t care
The king is in his throne and now his prince is there
To carry on his ti-tle Mr. Delaware Oh oh
Mr. Delaware

At twelve years old he steps into the ring
you could almost hear his father’s hear strings sing
Although he longed to be his family’s pride and joy
he couldn’t bring himself to swing at the other boxer boy

Mr. Delaware can’t you see he’s not the same in there
I think you do it’s just that you don’t care
as long as there’s someone
to carry on your ti-tle
Mr. Delaware Oh oh - Mr. Delaware

At twenty-two he lost his hundredth fight
it was the first time that he saw his father cry
That night he left the ring and left his home
They’d be better off without he’d be better off alone

Mr. Delaware beatings you took your share
Defeated everywhere and no one there knows what you go through
Mr. Delaware oh oh Mr. Delaware
He’s not the same in there
ah but you don’t care no you don’t
Here we go…