From the recording Cautionary Tales

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He flies through the air with the greatest of ease
the man on the flying trapeze
Graceful and tall he seems to have it all oh

One star stealing every wish from below
in the greatest show on earth one would never know
The spotlight can seem quite dark when you feel alone
Oooh ooh ooh

She was his queen a site to be seen an aerial dream in the heavens
spinning around above there’s love in the air now
two stars orbiting three rings below
in the greatest show on earth one would never know
what fate had written for these smitten two
Oooh ooh ooh

Throwing caution to the wind
now his wings won't fly and he’s already died inside
a flying man without love or pride is grounded

He used to start where she would end
but now this circle is broken
and his heart it has been spoken for
there’s really nothing more that we can say

Now he commits the ultimate sin
with her life over he just couldn’t seem to begin again
He found another love
but couldn’t keep his mind off the angel above
Oh no no no

He lies over there resting in peace
the man from the flying trapeze
Is he with her above is there love in the air again
One star making his wish from below in
the greatest sacrifice one would ever know
And like that great line when his heart beat did cease
It was beauty that killed the beast….