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Santa's Swingin' By Again This Year

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Home studio recording of this too weird to be a classic" Holiday tune.
All parts performed and created by Dean Johanesen (C) 2020


Santa’s Swinging By (Again this Year) - Dean Johanesen

Jingle Bells and Santa's elves and all his reindeer
Will be a sight on Christmas Night I just can’t wait dear
Let’s Burn that fire bright
on this cold December Night
Let’s Stay up and drink a cup of Christmas Cheer
‘Cause Santas swinging by again this year

Have you behaved you know they say he’s always watching
Now there’s that elf upon the shelf...this kind of feels like stalking
I don’t mind if he knows when I’m awake
It’s watching me when I sleep that I just can’t take
Let’s check the locks …….and put that elf…..back in his box
‘Cause Santas swinging by again this year


He never yelled or gave any hell to those deer for mocking
Old Rudolph’s nose and I don’t suppose they got cole in their stockings
It wasn’t until that foggy night
Santa needed a favor and tried to make everything alright
Old St Nick can be such a………..jerk
Oh Santas swinging by again this year

My friend Tom saw his Mom and Santa Kissing
He told his Pa and and there was a brawl and now Tom’s dad is missing
Underneath that beard so snowy white
is a tattoo on Santa's face that says I'd rather kill than fight
I've heard enough pack up our stuff we're out of here
‘Cause Santas swinging by again this year

Santa's swingin' by
The parole board thinks he’s fine
San...ta's swing….ing by…. again this….year